Having a website is very essential for every business today in Malaysia. You cannot gain an edge over your competitors without having a strong online presence and building a website is the first step that needs to be taken in order to make that possible.


In the event that you have a business but don’t have a website, you are missing out on extraordinary opportunities for your business. A website itself can be utilized to achieve various marketing strategies to enable your business to develop.


As a business proprietor, you have to know where your customers are. Be that as it may, consider the possibility that shoppers know your business and what you can offer, yet they can’t contact you. That is one of the shortfalls you are prone to encounter when you do not have a website for your business.




Any organization that is looking to expand its operations, manage their brand’s reputation, drive revenue, and attract new customers for its products and/ or services, must be ready and willing to invest heavily in digital marketing.


In the world today, your digital presence is more important than your brick and mortar presence as a small business. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t actually have a website or online presence. In Malaysia, many business owners may be aware of what a website is and what it does, but many don’t know the benefits of having a website and what it can do for their business.




Below is a recent statistics of 351 small businesses surveyed. The survey was carried out based on how these businesses approach websites, and how they plan to invest in their websites in 2018 and the future.


What are some of our findings:


Here are the findings that were made:


• Less than two out of three (64%) small businesses own a website.
• Almost every (94%) small business websites will be mobile responsive by 2019.
• In the circle of small businesses currently without a website, over half (58%) are nursing the intention to create one in 2018.
• Key reasons identified by small businesses as the reason behind their decision not to have a website include cost (26%), irrelevance to industry (27%), as well as social media (21%)
• Over one out of four (28%) of small businesses spend below $500 on a website.


From the above statistics, we can see that the use of websites by small businesses is an area that remains vastly untapped. Although many small businesses still face challenges, advancements in technology and web design Malaysia have made the business world a much more level playing field for small business owners.




There are several benefits of having a website, they include but aren’t limited to the following:


• Cost Effectiveness


You know precisely how much your website will cost you and it’s on goings – a physical store, then again, is vulnerable to numerous strange events which could catapult the costs, for example, leaving the lights on, robbery, damage, additional staff and so forth. A strategically developed website and online presence arrangement gives enormous advantages and costing outlines.


• Accessible Round the Clock


Your website and social media accounts are available 24hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days in a year. Envision that you need to purchase from a store. You invest all the effort required to go to the store, however when you arrive, it’s shut. We as a whole know how livid we feel in that circumstance. You’ll mull over returning given the awful taste its left. You will simply look for another store that is all the more effortlessly available.


Since your website is operational all day and all night, from the comfort of the nearby café, their couch or their bed, your clients and customers can without much of a stretch access your website and browse through the products and services you offer.



• Convenient


By building a website you are giving your business the chance to explain to purchasers why they should confide in you and the tributes and facts to back up those opportunities. Trust it or not, the vast majority will scan the web for a product or service before the buy to check the authenticity first.


When you give great service or product, positive verbal exchange about your business is probably going to spread. Which thusly, conveys more repeat and new business. Individuals tend to confide in a business after they have worked with it. Utilizing your website, you can constantly serve purchasers online and increment your believability as an entrepreneur.



• Sales


Without sales, or offering more than you spend, your business is bound to fail. By having an online presence you take into consideration the offer of your products or services day and night to whoever, at whatever point with no or scarcely any impediments. Giving your business the online presence it merits is critical to your brand and accountants grin.


To put it plainly, being noticeable overall means you are probably going to acquire clients. The more clients and guests you have, the more sales you will create. The more sales you create the more joyful you and your investors will be.


• Marketing


Having a website and online presence strategy enables you to showcase your business online. There are loads of marketing strategies you can use to promote and advertise your business. Every single online marketing strategy has turned out to be effective. Which ones you pick relies upon the kind of business you are in.


For your business to gain from the many benefits that come with having a website, it is important that you hire the services of a professional digital marketing agency. Get your digital presence right the first time and you will be happy that you did.

Website design Malaysia price today is affordable and the service is also readily accessible, so you have no excuse for not using it to maximize your potential. WE can build you modern and suitable website for your business and most importantly we can find you leads and customers to your website.


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