In recent times, the online marketing sphere in Malaysia has experienced a massive increase in the use of social media marketing.


Advertising agency Malaysia have navigated away from the traditional forms of marketing to using digital media due to the influence of consumer behaviour and lifestyle changes.


One of the digital media strategies utilized is social media marketing (SMM).


The capability of this strategy is the ability to build up a campaign in social media to uncover a company’s products and services in various media channels to be able to contact each customer.


TV commercials, radio jingles, newspaper ads, and several other forms of traditional marketing which were once major crowd pullers no longer generate the desired sales in much the same way as social media marketing does.


An organization that actualizes this strategy in digital marketing Malaysia can without much of a stretch track and screen the results of its online-based marketing efforts with simple numbers and automated data from the utilization of search engine optimization (SEO).


Asides from that, it additionally gives the estimation of the aggregate conversion rates and the achievement rate of the campaign.


Social Media Marketing in Malaysia


The major reason for this paradigm shift from traditional to digital marketing Malaysia is because, the modern day consumer is now predominantly found using digitalized tools such as computers, smartphones, and tablets to acquire information and as such, are more motivated by things pertaining to these devices – especially with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and others.


Digital marketing Malaysia differs from the use of traditional marketing which involves in the uses of various channels and method to allow an organization to make an analysis of marketing campaigns and understand which strategy is not compatible in a short period of time.


An organization that implements this digitalized technique enables them to screen the content that a specific client is interested in, for example, keywords, conversion rate, trustable feed, and organic content. This is the place where an online advertising agency Malaysia proves to be useful.


In undeniable reality, most media channels are closely related to web based marketing, for example, mobile applications, mobile instant messages, podcasts, radio channels and others. The Digital marketing Malaysia revolution has become a force to reckon with and has gotten to a point where it will doubtlessly replace other types of traditional marketing instruments.


Businesses that want to remain relevant and impactful will find adopting social media marketing as an inevitable tool that needs to be included in their online marketing mix. There are several reasons why social media is being widely advertised as the best tool to connect with consumers and industry leaders in Malaysia today.


These are some of social media marketing benefits can be grouped into:


1. Benefits for branding
2. Benefits for customer service
3. Benefits for advertising
4. Benefits for sales & lead generation
5. Benefits for HR
6. Benefits for content promotion
7. Benefits for marketing
8. Benefits for research and development
9. Benefits for competitive analysis
10. Benefits for SEO


Advertising agency Malaysia seeks to leverage social media marketing because of these benefits they provide. Below is a breakdown of some of these benefits and why businesses should adopt social media marketing in their overall digital marketing strategy.


Benefits for Social Media Branding


• Increases Brand Awareness

One of the most prominent advantages of social media is expanding brand awareness. With a great many clients on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and different other social media platforms, there are a lot of individuals to reach. What’s more, a few of these clients have never known about your brand.


With social media, you will have the capacity to fill in the holes and get needed exposure to a new audience.


• Builds Brand Loyalty


Brands with active social media profiles have more steadfast clients. When you’re drawing in people in general on social media, you’re not building association and affinity. You’re setting aside the opportunity to furnish your adherents with valuable data, help, and excitement, without requesting anything consequently.


That shows clients you esteem them, not similarly as a wellspring of income, but rather as individuals. When you consider organizations like Nike, Apple or Starbucks, you’ll see their clients are to a great degree faithful and reliably pick them over the opposition regardless.


• Establishes Your Brand as an Authority & Thought Leader


Social media is a phenomenal stage to set up your image as an expert in your industry. Through sharing applicable content, reacting to industry-related inquiries and being a go-to asset, you can utilize social media as a strong stage for turning into an expert. From joining Facebook gatherings to noting Quora questions, social media gives abundant chances to show your skill. By noting questions, giving exhortation and sharing important data, you can demonstrate your authority.


Benefits for sales & lead generation from social media



• Improves Sales


The ROI in social media promotions is brilliant. By boosting the correct social media posts, you can get a considerable measure of movement at a small amount of the cost of focused Google advertisements. Social media has turned out to be an exceptionally viable apparatus for deals group.


Truth be told, 64% of offers experts revealed finalizing no less than one negotiations in 2014 as an immediate consequence of utilizing social media. B2B organizations can use systems like LinkedIn to contact leaders straightforwardly and kick the discussion off. B2C organizations can utilize Twitter to answer inquiries from individuals who are on the cusp of purchasing from you and simply require a slight push to motivate them to change over.


• Higher Conversion Rate


According to data from Hubspot, Social media lead transformation rates are 13% higher than the normal lead change rate. In the event that you aren’t utilizing social media in your business procedure, it’s a great opportunity to begin.


Benefits for Customer Service


• Boosts Customer Engagement


Whatever your industry, section, and gathering of people, a significant segment of your clients and leads are on social. In case you’re not connecting with your clients, you risk losing them. As per a report from Gartner, the beat can increment by up to 15% on the off chance that you neglect to react to clients on social media.


When you quit considering social to be an approach to pitch your clients and begin considering it to be an approach to interface with them, it can change your image. You help clients by noting their inquiries, engage and illuminate them with applicable content and even frame bonds over shared interests.





There are several other categories of benefits that can be derived from social media which this article will not be able to cover.


Notwithstanding, we can draw a firm and convincing conclusion from the above-listed information that social media marketing is a powerful tool that has influenced the course of doing business in Malaysia now and for years to come.

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