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SEO Price: Analysis of SEO Cost in Malaysia

The quest and desire for increased online presence require an extensive strategy in terms of SEO. Malaysian online marketplace is not an exception.

To promote website growth, getting to a high rank in terms of search results is important. This is because the top ranking is what leads the desired level of traffic to your website, and an ultimate increase in conversion rates.




Just like any other fast-growing countries, SEO is less costly in Malaysia. This is in comparison to advertising as a means of increasing and swelling your conversion. The typical range is between USD$800 -$ 2000 per month, but this converted to Malaysian MYR.

The package quotation and pricing for SEO also depends on a number of factors.

These considerations include:

– Your present ranking on Google Malaysia.

This, together with your website’s keywords and search terms is what will determine the kind of price quotation you get for SEO. Thus, the higher your site ranks on the search engine, the lower the pricing.

– The present state of your site.

For instance, the professional way in which your site has been constructed in terms of the general layout matters a great deal.

– It also matters to know whether your site is SEO friendly and how it provides ease of use in terms of navigation, link stability and fast loading time. If these are missing or are of low quality then pricing will definitely go up.

– Other considerations are such as the state of your site’s responsiveness and if it shows well on mobile devices like the smartphones and tablets.

– The amount of competition from other websites on the search engines will also determine pricing; if there’s less competition, then pricing will be much lower, and vice versa.

By putting all these factors into consideration, quotation of a package is quickly determined. After the SEO package, the monthly free traffic and visibility of the website begin to show albeit, gradually.


How Long It Takes to Appear on Google Top Results Page


The SEO results do take a while to reflect and work. More often than not, 12 months are the most recommended when it comes to your site’s definite show and top ranking. This gradual development is realized in the fact that the first months consume such things like planning, research and website audit. During this time, keywords and relevant phrases and terms are being researched and taken care of.

The overall state of your website is also looked into, and sometimes an overhaul may be needed, to come up with a professional site. Along the way, such things like the creation of content, incorporation of social media linkages, among others are being fitted on to your website; it could take a while before you start seeing results.


Why Websites Need to Do SEO


Every website that wants to realize positive growth needs to invest largely in an effective SEO. SEO is a supportive tool that pulls and brings relevant and quality traffic from the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etcetera, towards your website. By doing so, this huge number of traffic also converts into potential clients who eventually boost sales and maximize profits for your business.


The Benefits of SEO in Malaysia



Investing in SEO is one the best-calculated moves you could ever do for your website. Apart from making your website highly visible to the search engine, it allows many visitors who could be potential clients, to locate your site easily and quickly.

An effective SEO strategy brings the following benefits to your website:


1. SEO helps to make you stand out. In effect, it promotes you and helps you to stand out from the rest of other websites, as you will be tops in ranking and search results.

2. Quality and relevant traffic. The search engine traffic is the best traffic you can ever get; this is because people coming onto your site are actually the ones searching for your site. These are the people that are interested in the services and products from your website. In essence, they are searching for a solution to a problem which your site can solve.

3. SEO traffic converts and makes your business win. More often than not, SEO generated traffic turns visitors into potential and actual clients. The conversion rates of search traffic are in fact always higher in comparison to other sources of traffic; this then promotes the growth and stability of your business.

4. More sales and leads. Once you invest in an effective and relevant SEO strategy, your business is able to record higher sales as a result of sustained and increased traffic on to your site.

5. Less cost per acquisition. Considered most often as free, SEO is less costly in comparison to advertising when looking for customers and clients for your business. The only cost you will incur is when it comes to hiring an SEO agency to take care of website coding and Google algorithms.

6. It is a long-term strategy. Once you invest in SEO, you benefit from it for as long as it takes. Generation of sustained traffic means that you form a long-term relationship with guests on your site and a loyal clientele base is enhanced.

The smartest move you could ever make for your website is by investing in SEO. The advantages of such a step are limitless, and your business stands to grow from strength to strength.


Apart from being an enduring asset, SEO generates awesome sales and leads for your online business. Money spent on advertising can now be invested elsewhere as SEO is potentially affordable. Once your site achieves top ranking, you also stand to get a lot of free hits on a daily basis.

An effective SEO campaign is what makes your website, and by investing with us you are able to realize improvements onto your website. You can see these quick improvements by viewing our Website ranking reports.

If you are looking to boost your online business, engage our services to see impeccable and quality results. The returns on investment are invaluable and the benefits are clearly endless.

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